Explore the Brand: Yon Ka (Parisian Skincare)

People often say to us at Tonic "What is Yon Ka? I've never heard of that brand, it sounds Japanese". 

So today I wanted to write a blog post that took you a little deeper in to our chosen skin care brand, giving you an insight into the products, and treatments that Yon Ka so expertly deliver.

First things first - where does the brand come from?

Yon Ka is a Parisian brand established in 1954 by the Multaler family. STILL a family brand 60+ years on, the company that distributes to England is run by Alexis, grandson of the ladies who started the company. Want to find out more? Yon Ka History

So it's 60 years old, but why haven't I heard of it before?

Products were the start of the brand, and to this day products continue to be the focus. Yon Ka will only distribute their products through authorised partners (like Tonic) to ensure they are understood and used as prescribed. They have their roots in results driven products, so suit the salon/spa environment well, where clients can experience the products behind the brand before purchase.

Sounds great, so what sort of products are available?

Yon Ka can be described as a results driven brand. All their products are created in a laboratory by dermatologists and doctors. They harness the powerful attributes of plants to make products which demonstrate real results on the skin. At Tonic we stock the full range of Yon Ka products, from cleansers, toning lotions, to serums, masks and moisturisers!

Ok, so they are great for my skin but are they nice to use?

Oh yes! If you have not tried the products you are in for a treat. Because the ingredients within the products are plant extracts and essential oils, they happen to smell amazing too! The products are naturally perfumed and using them makes for a great experience.

 How can I try and purchase Yon Ka products at Tonic?

We stock the vast majority of facial products that Yon Ka sell. They offer a great sampling system, all products are available in sample size so you are more than welcome to come and try before you buy. Our therapists have all been trained by Yon Ka experts and are well placed to discuss your skin and help you with recommendations that will really work for YOU and your routine. Travel sizes, full sized products and great gift sets are always available from the brand.

We also offer a wide range of facials, that are all results driven and will leave your skin looking and feeling amazing.




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