The Divine Duo


One of our most popular treatments, combining two of your favourite options! This treatment consists of a half hour Yon Ka facial and a half hour Swedish Massage. Great for those pressed for time, or tick multiple boxes in one appointment. The facial can be tailored to your skin type and concerns as can the massage. One hour of tailored pampering which will re-balance you from top to toe! (60 minute treatment)
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Mind, Body, Magic


A holistic approach to mind and body relaxation - let us take you on a journey with our mindfulness based treatment... 50 minutes - with complimentary Aromatherapy Associates Rollerball £75.  In today's busy world, achieving mental calmness and total body relaxation can seem like an impossible task. The team at Tonic have come up with a brand new treatment concept, designed to target not only your body but your mind and mental strength. This 50 minute treatment is a true holistic approach to relaxation. The treatment is lead by YOU the client at all times, we ask you to select an aromatherapy scent that calls to you, which we then incorporate throughout the entire treatment. We then invite you to relax on a supportive pillow whilst we cocoon your feet in warm towels, marking the start of your soothing journey. At this point we will introduce our guided mindfulness audio journey, taking you out of the treatment room, to a far flung land in which to begin your restorative journey.  Your feet will be massaged, and pressure points worked on to release tension and provide a benefit to the whole body. We then travel up to your scalp where you will receive a heavenly scalp and neck massage.  Half your body is then treated to a super hydrating, rhythmic massage, whilst your other half is cocooned in warmth. Both sides are attended to before the treatment is finished with a back, neck and shoulder massage to aid physical relaxation as well as mental relaxation.  You will be gently "brought back" in to the treatment room and allowed to relax with a refreshing glass of water. You'll receive a complimentary Aromatherapy Rollerball, in whichever scent you selected so you can continue your restorative treatment when you return home.
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The Tranquility Trio


We combine three of the most powerful therapies to combat stress and tension in this treatment. First we massage the scalp, neck, face followed by the hands and arms finishing with the feet & lower legs. The affect is that stress melts away and you're left feeling harmonised, with a fantastic sense of well­being. 45 minute treatment 
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Legs & Feet – the Ultimate Treat


A must for tired feet and legs in need of some TLC. Start with an indulgent foot soak to ease the muscles and soften the skin. Followed by an invigorating foot scrub, powerful leg and foot massage to leave your legs feeling revived and weightless. 25 minute treatment 
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Ultimate Back Revival


Treat the area that is impossible to reach by yourself. We gently cleanse the back, exfoliate to slough away any dryness and treat you to a 30 minute swedish massage using a blend of oil and deeply hydrating lotion to leave your back feeling nourished and supple. 40 minute treatment 
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