Why I love Yon Ka Paris Products

Having a wonderful evening, sitting down with my @YonKaUK skincare. It suddenly struck me that I LOVE using my Yon Ka products, because they make FEEL great.

We all want products to DO something, and Yon Ka products to that with no problem at all. But to make you feel amazing whilst using them is such an added bonus.

My skin type: true combination, with acne prone areas such as the Tzone as well as dry, sensitive areas.

Tonight I have used:

Gel nettoyant: a gel cleanser designed to clean, but not strip skin. Slightly foaming, rhis product removes makeup too!! My summer go to. (RRP: £15-£30)

Gommage Yon Ka: (the queen of exfoliation products, gentle, but great for getting your glow back thanks to the grapefruit included in this product) RRP: £30

Yon Ka Tonic PNG: A beautiful skin tonic that helps to balance ph levels and encourage healthy skin. A MUST have product. With 5 key essential oils, it smells divine RRP: £15/32

Creme 15:The BEST product out there to soothe, calm and protect blemish prone skin. I have suffered with adult acne most of my life and this is such a great product that helps balance my skin. Redness is calmed, blemishes are reduced and a barrier is formed to protect against future breakouts. (rrp £37 - brilliant for teens or those, like me that still suffer at 27!!)

Hydra Number One Masque: One of my absolute favourites. Great for skin that has done a little too much living!!! A super hydrating mask that smells wonderful. Pop on in place of moisturiser over night, no need to wash off. Your skin will look revived and feel comfortable in the morning. Get your "bounce" back! (RRP £52.80)

All products available in the salon. Please do pop in for a quick consultation/product help. Or in a spare free hour+ one of our out of this world facials!!

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