Skin Renewal – “Alpha Vital”


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What does this facial include?

Starting with a double cleanse, toning lotion and soft peel exfoliation. The key element to this facial is the AHA (Alpha-Hydroxy-Acid/Fruit Acid) skin peel that is applied using large cotton buds. The cotton buds massage the skin to invigorate and increase circulation and cell turnover. We then moisturise using an AHA based moisturiser which continues to renew and stimulate the skin. A cooling mask is applied which leaves it feeling comfortable and brand new!

Is it suitable for my skin?

Most skins should be suited to this facial, apart from the very sensitive. If you want a brighter, fresher complexion and are fed up of your skin feeling dull and lifeless then this treatment is certainly what you need. Great before an event, after sun exposure or just for those with busy lifestyles.

What results should I see following the facial?

Your skin will be renewed and glowing. It will keep its glow for longer as we work deep into the skin and encourage new cells to form. You'll feel hydrated and firm and makeup/products will sit better on the skin. You may even feel like you can go make-up free!

60 minute treatment

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