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This kit contains everything you will need to create a little slice of heaven in your own home. We all need to look after our mental wellbeing during this time, and our Aromaworks professional grade aromatherapy products can really help your mind relax as well as your body.

Available in 4 different scents:

Nurture Rich and fruity with a fresh top note of May Chang with the sweet, fresh scent of Roman Chamomile and the soothing aromatic base of Sandalwood. Enjoy the truly relaxing experience of our Nurture range.

Serenity - Be restored and calmed by our Serenity blend. The citrus, yet warm fragrance of Lemongrass will energise your mind and body whilst at the heart of this blend, the exotic floral beauty that is Neroli, will serve to restore your emotions and soothe away stress. Let the warm, calming breeze of our Serenity range both revive and relax you.

SoulfulComplex and exotic, our Soulful blend brings together seven incredible essential oils. Top notes of spicy Frankincense and fruity Juniper Berry provide a deeply calming sensation to soothe jangled nerves, whilst the fragrant base notes of Patchouli help to ease away fatigue, providing a truly warming and relaxing experience.

InspireThe warming fragrance of Inspire combines top notes of spicy Black Pepper and fruity, sweet Juniper Berry with the freshness of uplifting Lime. At the heart of this delicious blend, Geranium adds a soft calming element while underlying hints of warm caramel bring you a beautifully balanced blend of essential oils.

Harmony A richly fruity, floral blend, Essential Rose combines seven essential oils to give you a luxurious, relaxing experience. Stress and fatigue will be eased away by the subtle top notes of Moroccan Rose and Violet Leaf whilst fruity Mandarin will lift your mood. Base notes of Patchouli help to combat stress whilst giving this blend a beautifully exotic finish.

This kit contains:

1x Large Reed Diffuser (200ml)

1x Room Mist (100ml)

1x Large Soy & Beeswax Candle (30cl)

1x Luxury Bath Bomb

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